Dr Grandel

PCO Hyaluron Moisture Flash Ampoule

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Moisture deep down. Gives skin that long-awaited refreshing boost in a Flash. Instantly producing a fine, glowing and plumped complexion.

A refreshing burst of moisture is an absolute must. Hyaluron Moisture Flash is like “taking a dip in cool water” each morning in the bathroom. The ampoule contains "Micro-Hyaluron", which spreads it's moisturizing potential into the deepest layers of the skin, instantly producing a fine, glowing, plumped complexion. Combined with classic hyaluronic acid, the active ingredient concentrate forms a 3D network in the skin that acts as a moisture reservoir and promotes a smooth, even radiance. An extract of blue micro-algae makes the skin more luminous, slows the skin ageing process and acts as an effective bodyguard for the cells.

Size: 3ml