Nimue Skin Technology introduces the new Nimue Cleansing Milk enriched with moisturising Milk Peptides & Cermamide-3 which helps to maintain and stabilise the epidermal barrier of the skin leaving the skin feel soft and smooth to the touch.

The new Cleansing Milk is a soap free creamy milk emulsion with a soft, smooth and delicate texture that gently and effectively removes make-up, pollutants and daily impurities, leaving the skin with a delicate smooth finish. Milk peptides & Ceramide-3 works to restore the skin’s natural equilibrium with the combination of three acids: lactic, glycolic and citric acid which all work together to gently remove dead skin cells, encouraging skin renewal.

The soap free emulsion is based on a liquid delivery system which acts as a built in water reservoir within the emulsion to maintain moisturisation on the skin for up to 5 hours.

The new Cleansing Milk is fragrance free.
The emulsion system in non-comeodogenic and hypo-allergenic.