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SincoSculpt Course (6 x 30 min session)

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SincoSculpt - Muscle Toning & Fat Burning is the world’s only non-invasive body treatment that burns fat while also building muscle. It is suitable for both men and women. You will be able to see initial results straight away and your results will only get better in the weeks after your treatment. There is no downtime!

Benefits include:
    • 1x30min treatment is equivalent to 20 000 muscle contractions. The result of the combined action of muscle tightening and fat-cell destruction, is stronger, more defined muscles.
    • Builds muscle while reducing fat
    • No side effects, painless, completely safe
    • Only 30 minutes per treatment
    • Increases metabolism
    • Results already noticeable after 3/4
    • We provide a complimentary guide to ensure treatment results are intensified when combined with a balanced healthy lifestyle.


Deluxe Aesthetic Spa uses revolutionary technology and always keeps up with the latest innovations.

Deluxe Aesthetic Spa has a highly trained team of qualified experts that will treat you with the greatest care, making sure your treatment is a comfortable experience.

We pride ourselves in being experts in our field and we go above and beyond to deliver the best service, affordable prices and guaranteed results.

Terms and Conditions
  • No treatments will be performed without a free thorough consultation.
  • The treatment duration per area is 30 minutes for both men and women. 
  • We recommend 6-12 sessions for an improved result. 
  • More treatments can be done if the results need improvement. 
  • The recommended body mass index (BMI) for any client cannot be higher than 30.4

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