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With autumn approaching our skin is exposed to fewer UV rays, resulting in the ageing process being reduced. Transitioning your skincare for the Autumn season is not as complicated as you may think! The priority should be on repairing the damage the summer months have caused and preparing your skin for the winter season. March is a transition month that can still have warm days leading to cooler nights. Breakouts may occur as the oil flow in the skin is still occurring while the cooler air is creating layers of build-up on the surface of the skin.

Skin can glow with or without summer sunshine and glowing skin is a sign of healthy skin. With the right autumn skincare routine, you can make that glow last way past autumn and long into winter! Below are some tips to make that happen.


The hot and humid summer months can dehydrate your skin making fine lines and wrinkles more visible. Changing your summer facial moisturiser to a more hydrating formula will lock in moisture and protect your skin from the crisp autumn air. A moisturiser packed with Hyaluronic Acid like Dr Grandel Hydro Soft, provides the skin with rich, long-lasting moisture making it  feel less tight and smoothes rough, flaky areas of skin.


Skincare routines change with the seasons—while winter calls for rich body butters and moisturising masks, summer is a time for lightweight lotions and humidity-taming hair products. One thing that has a perpetual place in routines, however, is sunscreen. Sunscreen remains the best skincare product you could use on a daily basis, if you only had the option to choose one! Although there is a slight seasonal decrease in UVB rays, UVA rays which cause skin ageing and dark spots are still apparent and can be a real danger to your skin if not protected. Prevention is always better than cure, and luckily SPF does not have to be heavy, sticky or leave you looking like a ghost, thanks to the various options available these days. For all day protection you can try Skin Affair Daily SPF 15 Moisturiser or Environ RAD Sun Protection Cream SPF15 containing sun filters and reflectors to provide SPF 15 sun protection, along with antioxidants, titanium dioxide, beta-carotene and vitamin C and E which help to fight free radicals.



A thicker moisturiser is a must—but do not let serums become an afterthought. While serums are an excellent booster for your routine, they should also be refreshed with changing seasons. Serums are great in autumn and winter since they are an easy and effective way to layer skin actives before moisturisers and SPF. They are light enough to sink directly into the pores after cleansing and able to penetrate deeply into the skin to work their magic. Try adding a booster such as Skin Affair Hydra-Boost Serum consisting of hyaluronic compounds for multi-depth hydration while plumping and smoothing the appearance of wrinkles.


 Your night-time skincare should not be neglected. While sleeping, your skin is at work repairing the damage done throughout the day. During the Autumn months there is less humidity in the air, so it is important to incorporate a hydrating night cream into your routine to replenish and retain moisture. For the best results try Dr Grandel Nutrisensations Night Repair as a highly effective concentrate is especially attuned to the natural regenerative processes that the skin undergoes overnight. The innovative LipoPeptid complex stimulates cell regeneration and supports the skin’s own defences in order to protect it against external stimuli.


It is essential to keep skin clean and free of accumulated dirt, cleansing morning and night is one element of your routine that doesn’t need to be reinvented. Skin’s natural cell turnover process creates debris on the upper layers which need to be removed before applying any other products, as this can affect the efficacy of future key ingredients penetrating the skin. Plus, the mechanical action of cleansing also increases the blood flow and aids elimination of toxins so don’t rush it. Milk or cream cleansers such as Dr Grandel CL Cleansing Milk and Skin Affair Organic Milky Cleanser are gentle enough to be used all year round so don’t need to be switched out for other formulas.


Post-summer, your skin may need a peel - a treatment that utilises a combination of exfoliating acids to keep it looking fresh and radiant. Now that the natural bronze tan is fading away much like those long warm summer evenings, it is time to kick off with exfoliation.  Oil based scrubs are perfect for autumn because you do get the extra benefit of hydration. Exfoliation can be easily implemented into your morning routine. Natural scrubs are simple to use and are full of nurturing ingredients. The Skin Affair Organic Enzyme Exfoliant can be a refreshing option with its revitalising and fresh Papaya aroma. For something a little stronger, try the Dr Grandel AHA Peeling Effect with fruit acids that gently peel away fine lines and pigmentation as well as unclog pores to ged rid of black heads.


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