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Deluxe Insights: Can Hair Products Trigger Acne?

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The quest for perfect locks often leads us to a plethora of hair products promising volume, shine, and strength. But amidst the pursuit of lustrous tresses, a question emerges: Can these very hair products cause skin issues, namely acne? Let's delve into this pressing query that links our haircare routines to our skincare concerns.

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Hair Products & the Acne Connection

It might seem a bit perplexing to consider that what we apply to our hair could impact our skin. However, the products you use on your tresses can, indeed, migrate to your face, especially when you sweat or sleep. This phenomenon, known as 'pomade acne', arises when the oils from hair products clog pores, leading to breakouts, primarily along the hairline and forehead.

Culprit Ingredients

Not all hair products will give you acne. However, some ingredients, when in contact with the skin, can cause blockages. These include:

Petroleum-based substances:

Often found in some pomades and conditioners, they can be comedogenic (pore-clogging).


While they offer that desired slip and shine, they might trap debris and sebum if they get on the skin.


Present in many shampoos, they can strip the skin of natural oils, prompting an overproduction of oil and potential breakouts.

Tips to Keep Acne at Bay

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Opt for Non-comedogenic:

When shopping on Deluxe Shop, look for hair products labelled as 'non-comedogenic', implying they're formulated not to block pores.

Rinse with Care:

Ensure that, when washing your hair, the product-laden water flows down your back, not your face.

Hair-to-Face Awareness:

Be mindful of letting your hair touch your face, especially if you use heavy styling products.

Change Pillowcases Regularly:

Residue from hair products can transfer to your pillow and then to your face during sleep. Regular washing can mitigate this.

Hair products, while crucial for our mane's health, might sometimes be a sneaky trigger for skin woes. Being informed and cautious can ensure that your journey to fabulous hair doesn't come at the expense of clear skin. Trust Deluxe Shop offers a diverse range of hair products, allowing you to find ones that align with both your hair and skin needs.

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