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We all thrive to achieve perfect skin, with less hassle and Dr.Grandel promises just that. The secret lies in the absolute effectiveness of the concentrated ampoules, every ampoule is a pure active ingredient that is created for every beauty concern.

Dr. Grandel relies on carefully selected ingredients derived from nature, which have to undergo an elaborated processing. The result is top quality made-in-Germany which is highly effective and extremely well tolerated by the skin.

Dr.Grandel Hyaluron Ampoule

With "line filler" effect. Targets even more pronounced dry lines and plumps them up from the inside.


Dr.Grandel Hyaluron Moisture Flash Ampoule

With Micro-Hyaluron. For an immediate, deep down moisture boost.


Dr.Grandel Hyaluron At Night Overnight Ampoule

With Depot-Hyaluron. Tops up the skin's moisture stores overnight. 


Dr.Grandel Instant Smoother Ampoule

Active ingredient concentrated for a softly blurred complexion: visibly smoother, refined and matt.


Dr.Grandel Beauty Date Ampoule

Reactivates the skin & gives it new elasticity. Ruby makes the skin look radiant and beautiful again.


Dr.Grandel Forever 39 Ampoule

Firming, reactivating active ingredient concentrate with ruby for a firm "v" contour and new elasticity.


Dr.Grandel Contour Lift Ampoule

For firmer, smoother, tighter contours and an immediate lifting effect.


Dr.Grandel Retinol Ampoule

Active ingredient concentrate to fight the signs of time. Night-time intensive care reduces lines and wrinkles.


Dr.Grandel Cell Repair Ampoule

With fruit stem cells to stimulate the skin's own regenerative powers and protect against light-induced skin aging.

Dr.Grandel Beauty Flash Ampoule

Refines the pores and reduces redness. For a perfect complexion.


Dr.Grandel Beauty Sleep Ampoule

Regenerating active ingredient concentrate for use at night to relax lines and wrinkles.


Dr.Grandel Collagran Ampoule

Provides an alternative to animal based collagen for demanding skin and reduces the depth of lines.  Shop the full Dr.Grandel range now.

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