Prep your skin for Spring with Masks & Moisturisers

Prep your skin for Spring with Masks & Moisturisers

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Winter might signal cosy knits, eating soup and Netflix shows on repeat, but the change in seasons is also a chance to reboot and practice and little self-care.

What keeps your skin happy during summer can make it sad during winter. Your skincare should shift with the seasons: recognise when your skin needs hydrating, learn how to use hyaluronic acid and when to switch to an occlusive moisturiser. And most of all, invest in a super hydrating mask!

We’ve lined up our favourites, to invest in for glowing skin.

Dr Grandel Vitamin Infusion Mask

The encapsulated form of 'Vitamin C Microcaps' in the Vitamin Infusion Mask smoothes the skin and enables the Vitamin C to take full effect. The 'Defense Balancer' has a soothing and harmonising effect.Vitamin Infusion keeps the skin looking younger for longer. 

Skin Affair Organic Moisturising Cream

Contains Acmella Flower extract. "Natural Botox".

Nourishes dehydrated skin for instant radiance and glow. Contains a natural pre-biotic that balances the skin's micro-organisms to keep skin healthy.

Skin Affair products are certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free.


Environ Vita Complex Super Moisturiser 50ml

Super Moisturiser locks in moisture to improve the appearance of dehydrated skin, it is easily absorbed, leaving the skin feeling comfortable, hydrated and smooth. Super Moisturiser assists with repairing your barrier function whilst topping up the natural moisturising factors in your skin. Enhanced with vitamins and antioxidants giving shelter against free-radical damage, results – skin feels relaxed and refreshed.

Nimue Day Cream

A multi-functional, light-textured Day moisturiser that hydrates and smoothes skin texture. Recommended for environmentally damage skin.

GRANDEL Hyaluron Refill Cream

A deep-moisturising skin cream in a special hyaluronic version that replenishes the skin's moisture, reserves and plumps up wrinkles from the inside. With a highly effective combination of algae and seawater which deeply moisturises and restructures the natural moisture factors of the skin. The innovative texture melts smoothly onto the skin and absorbs quickly giving the skin a moisture boost that restores its fresh and vibrant appearance.

ELEMIS Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask

This nourishing cream mask delivers an intense hydration boost, and is ideal for dull, dry and dehydrated skin.

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